1000+ Hits in 2 Weeks


Since I started this blog two weeks ago on May 22nd, I have gotten a 1000 plus hits, maybe more since I installed the counter two days later. It's mainly two reasons my visitor and hit counts went up.
1 is http://myxss.com/
2 is http://forum.kafegaul.com
Thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to spread the news about me and post links to my blog on other places. I'll continue to up stuff so you can continue to enjoy it.

Thanks Travis

3 Response to "1000+ Hits in 2 Weeks"

  1. Anonymous says:

    that's because you have a good service going!
    keep it up and thanks for the effort!

    600WPMPO says:

    yes Travis, i have subscribed 2 ur RSS feed, and download as soon as they come..!!
    thanks for All-star series and MAX series..!!
    keep 'em coming !

    Buk says:

    You've really helped me fill in holes in my collection. Thanks a mil.

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