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I'd like to welcome everybody to my blog, I just started it earlier today so as you can see there's not that many posts. I barely see these type of blogs around so i decided to make one. I'll be uploading as much as I can, but I don't know what you all want, so i installed a chatbox at the bottom for you to request. Theres not that much to say except add my rss feed as I would be updating alot.


Ps, Leave some comment's so I at least I know people are stopping through.

7 Response to "Welcome To My Blog"

  1. Thanks for this site and keep up the good work.

    Any chance of uploading "The Preacher" series some years back? How about the first dozen issues of "Scalped"?

    Thanks again

    Anonymous says:

    As awesome as this is, I have a very gut feeling it won't last too long. The way marvel is and has been cracking down, the only sites i have been able to find with any marvel comics available for download liek this that last more than a few week are those where the threads containing the comics, especially the new ones, are tucked away behind like 12 other things. Not to be a total downer on the idea though: good luck, and good job so far.

    Travis says:

    Bruce I got you on those Preacher comics, I'm uploading those now. I'll do the scalped later

    and anonymous if Marvel tells me to take em down I will but I know other sites that have had theres up for a while, and besides if i have to take them down, don't mean they'll be completely gone. "Wink" "Wink"

    Nick says:

    Seeing all these rapidshare links reminds me of the time I was at a strip club and left my wallet at home.

    Travis says:

    Nick sorry about all the rapidshare links, I'm gonna switch em up a bit to something like mediafire and megaupload in the near future, but bare with me as I just started this blog yesterday, and I'm at least trying to get a good catalog going.


    Excellent work! No complaints on rapidshare as people who get these great works of literature and art should just be grateful

    For third world nations like us where a stand alone US comic is retailed at the same price (or higher) than 3 liters of gas or 2 Mcdonald's happy meals, you are indeed Robin Hood.

    Anonymous says:

    Seriously good work you're doing here - having complete collections and back issues in one listing is especially welcome when coming to a title late or discovering a new one.

    Dont know what the problem people have with Rapidshare - I find it the easiest of all of them to use.

    Keep it up - it's appreciated

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