Upcoming Updates

I ain't posted anything in the past 22 hours because I had to barbecue because of Memorial day, I got some more stuff uploaded and I'll try to get it up as soon as possible.

Upcoming Posts:
*Captain Marvel - Trials of Shazam
*Updating Superman/Batman with #20 through #39
*Updating 0-day with at least six more komics.

And also use this post right here to request any komics you want that i haven't already posted.
Post your requests in the comment section.

Edit: Oh I almost forgot. Thanks for all the support. I mean my blogs only been up for three days and it's gotten a outpour of support. Thanks to http://myxss.com/ most of my referrals here is from this place, thanks guys, and to everybody else, thanks for either bookmarking me or getting my rss feed. Make sure you spread the word about me. I'll continue posting and keep everything up to date as possible.


1 Response to "Upcoming Updates"

  1. Hi Travis..!!
    great blog dude..!!

    i have 2 requests: Punisher MAX other issues and volumes, and 2ndly other comics from MAX & Marvel knights imprints.

    i visit ur blog daily & have added it to my RSS feeds... keep it up mate !!

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